new tattoo power supply

new tattoo power supply

Model No.︰SMTP-053

Brand Name︰seamoon

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 45 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

tattoo power supply

flat-panel digital control power supply specifications:

- There are two styles of red and black red -2 -1 indicated that black
1. By the middle of the red after the power switch, there will be four symbols
 Volts, said: voltage V, said the number of Duty: Power Power
FT said: voltage and frequency CPS, said: machine beat frequency

2. In the switch up and down about 4 buttons
A: Now that the maintenance of electric volts
B: that the maximum power volt jump
↑ key: that with the increased V
↓ key: that reduce electric volts

3. Press Menu key: 2 options will appear
1) that the foot can be controlled tattoo machine
2) that maintain the tattoo machine foot control
(Do not step foot on the automatic operation of the machine)

4. CLOAK ---- "lock and memory keys

5. Advantages
1. High power: 18 V 2 security current, work with a large pin voltage is not big enough to worry about
2. Computer numerical control, a work stepped on foot, 2 foot pedal can not work.
3. Blue slope LCD. You want, voltage - power - speed at a glance.
4. Lithographic its NC power supply with: external optical compact fashion, comfortable keys - can lock screen - can remember the current parameters.
5. Double Adjustable porous power can simultaneously access two hook line access.
6. Fully furnished - with adapter set of the main - the power bracket set - a package of screws, mobile phone packaging,

Net weight: 0.56kg
Weight: 1kg
Power Supply Size: 18X10.6X3.1cm
Packing Size: 21.5x28.5X6.2

new tattoo power supply

tattoo power supply

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