tattoo machine

1) High quality shader machine .
2) It works great , it won't be turn to be hot when you use it through a long time .
3) It can be according to customer's design (OEM is welcome).
4) Average weight :220g/pcs .
5) Packing: 1pcs/Bag
6) Feature: 25000HZ
7) Start voltage: AC 4-10V
8) Coils : 8 wraps

tattoo power supply

New power supply

tattoo needle

Material: 316L steel wire of medical application for tip. 304L steel of medical application for needle bar.

Individual Blister Pack, 50pcs/box(From 27M1 to 49M1, 30pcs/box),

Following sizes available:

Which sizes and the packing, we can according to your request produce it.

(If you need the speciality type taper and diameter, please email us or leave you request on the order.)

Others: Individual Blister Pack CE0197,
Easy to open, Sterilized by E. O. Gas
Each Steriled Pouch has printed the needles type on it, so you never have to guess which tpye needle is in the pouch.
Each Steriled Pouch has printed the guarantees the nature date, and you never don't worry the needle expired.
Payment Terms︰ TT

tattoo kits
tattoo kits
body piercing
body piercing

New tattoo machine 


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